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"...those things were driving us all nuts!"
Mrs. Katie Flores, Ft. Worth, TX



Grass gnats, common gnats and lawn gnats - the kind of gnat that gather in swarms usually around sundown. They don't bite, but are a tremendous nuisance. They don't eat. During their short life they breed, lay hundreds of eggs and die in a matter of a few weeks.

Gnats can be any number of small flying insects. They are hatched in water, depressions in the lawn, cans, puddles, sewer drains. Often gnats are caused by over watering the lawn. Dry areas rarely ever have any gnats at all.

Spraying insecticides will generally kill all those that are struck by the chemical, but soon more are hatched out and they immediately appear again.

What must be done is to: (1) Kill those that are flying (or better yet kill them while they are in the grass resting), (2) Kill the larvae before more hatch.



Use a Hudson-Style pump up sprayer (see picture here) available at Home Depot, Lowes or almost all hardware and garden stores. Mix Mosquito Barrier, water and some soap - liquid Dawn is fine, in the proportions listed below and put the mixture into the sprayer.

For each one gallon of water add:
12 ounces of Mosquito Barrier
2 tablespoons of liquid soap
Mix well.

Gnats that are outdoors generally can be seen large numbers hovering over certain areas of the lawn. The grass beneath those clouds of gnats is where they were hatched out and that's the area you need to spray. Holding the sprayer's wand about 10-12 inches above the grass - spray deeply into the grass with a forceful spray. That area is usually about a 10 foot square grassy patch that needs spraying - you need not spray the whole lawn.

NOTICE: Do not spray on wet lawns. Once a lawn has been sprayed, do not water the lawn for 48 hours.

Do not re-spray the lawn until you notice that some gnats have reappeared. This treatment typically is effective for 2-4 weeks and often longer if excessive lawn watering is reduced.

A Note About Indoor Fungus Gnats

Most indoor gnats are due to house plants. Gnats are hatched out in the potting mixture at the base of the plants. Watering your indoor plants with garlic water will help eliminate indoor fungus gnats.

When watering your indoor plants add one ounce of Mosquito Barrier to each quart of water used to water your plants. When watering, pour water on all sides of the base of the plant. A spray bottle (like a Windex style sprayer) filled with 2 ounces of Mosquito Barrier and topped off with water can be used to spray potting mixture in your indoor plants. Be sure to thoroughly spray the potting mixture of all plants in the home.

Indoor gnats can also be hatched out in drains or be hatched from wet areas under the house. Wet areas under the house are usually caused by leaking water or drain pipes and fixing those will generally eliminate the gnat problem.

For fungus gnats that are hatched out in sinks or garbage cans - use a commercial insecticide and thoroughly flush and clean all drains.

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