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How to Get Rid of Fleas: The Mosquito Barrier Guide

Fleas are very tiny animals with mouths that are specially adapted for piercing through skin and sucking blood out. Flea bites cause an itching sensation initially, but fleas can also act as a vector for quite a number of different diseases that can be passed on to humans or animals through their bite. There are cat fleas, dog fleas, and even human fleas, but these different types of fleas will often times attach themselves to a number of different hosts throughout their life-cycle, making the amount of diseases a flea could carry quite large.

Fleas can lay their eggs on their host or on most surfaces. Eggs that are laid on your pet will usually roll off onto the grass outside, into your bed, or anywhere else your pet may wander. It's no secret that there are a number of different pet shampoos out there that will kill fleas and eggs that exist directly on your animal, but they will only pick up a whole new group of fleas from your yard or even from inside your house before long at all. Flea collars are another popular method, but a quick search online will reveal a slew of complaints involving chemical burns, skin irritation, and a number of other pet health problems caused by popular flea collar brands.

Getting rid of flea eggs in carpets, upholstery and bedding can be taken care of with regular washing and/or vacuuming, but you are also going to need a flea repellent to use outdoors and keep fleas out of your yard. Using any sort of chemical spray will make your property an unsuitable place for your pets to roam around safely, so using these products really won't be much of an improvement.

With the Mosquito Barrier product, you can easily turn your yard into a flea and tick-free zone naturally and effectively. Applying Mosquito Barrier to your yard once every 3-4 weeks is all it takes to get rid of fleas (and their eggs) in any outdoor area. As long as you have a fenced in yard, your pets will be able to go outside as often as they want without picking up any fleas or ticks. Since Mosquito Barrier is 99.3% pure garlic extract, you don't have to worry about keeping your pets or your children away from sprayed areas.

By combining the Mosquito Barrier outdoor repellent with the use of flea shampoo and cleaning of bedding/upholstery, you can get rid of fleas for good. Tests have shown that adding an edible form of garlic to your pet's diet can help to keep them from picking up fleas during a walk around the neighborhood or a hike through the mountains.

Visit our order page to have a bottle or two of Mosquito Barrier sent to you before the summer sets in and the fleas run rampant. Check out the About Fleas section of our website for detailed spraying instructions and more info on how to get rid of fleas.